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Bunn BCF-250B Coffee Filters

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When Bunn developed the first commercial paper coffee filter it understood that the porosity and filter structure is critical to delivering that same great tasting cup of coffee. They are continuously checked to assure proper porosity, flow rate and proper structure. With the investment you make in gourmet coffee, make sure you brew all the flavor through Bunn Coffee Filters. (This filter is for Commercial Models).

Fits all basket type drip Coffee Makers
Special designed to eliminate overflow
Produced and packaged for freshness and purity
100% pure virgin fiber Tested to meet all FDA requirements
100% biodegradable (box and filters)
Sold by the box or case pack
A box contains 250 Filters, a case pack contains 12 boxes (3000 filters)
For 12 cup Bunn Coffee Makers
Also fits most other 12 cup Coffee Makers
Bunn BCF-250B Coffee Filters
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Bunn BCF-250B Coffee Filters
Box of 250 Filters
1 lbs
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Bunn BCF-250B Coffee Filters
Case Pack of 12 Boxes
10 lbs
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Bunn BCF-250B Coffee Filters
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